about us

About Us

Since 1871, six generations of Bishops have been serving the shoreline with fresh farm products. Our farm market has grown from a roadside stand of the 1910's to a simple, yet bustling market, handling fresh fruits and vegetables and related farm products, a fully operating bakery, specialty foods and grocery, and most recently our own Winery. Our farm market in Guilford is open year-round with one or more of our crops available almost every month of the year. Our "big red apple" is a landmark known to many from near and far.

We grow a number of crops on 320 acres of land, 313 acres of that is owned by our family farm corporation. They are:

Includes but not limited to:

Apples 110
Pears 8
Blueberries 9
Blueberries 9
Vegetables 10
Peaches 15
Strawberries 8
Raspberries 6
Asparagus 1.5

Bishop's Orchards Vision

To preserve and enhance the value of the land for current and future generations and provide exceptional products and services to our customers that emphasize "family, food, and recreation."

Bishop's Orchards Mission Statement

To be:

• The leader in the farm market, orchard and winery businesses in Connecticut.


• Outstanding customer service, quality farm related products and practices, driven by dedicated, knowledgeable employees.

Resulting in:

• Customer loyalty, exceptional value for our customers, and an outstanding public image that supports and rewards our family and employees.