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CSA Share Info

Community Supported Agriculture

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, commonly known as CSA, is a popular term among food conscious people. CSA programs directly link the consumer to the farmer. The consumer becomes a shareholder or subscriber and commits at the beginning of the growing season to purchase a part of the farmers' crop.  Memberships to the share are paid up front.  This helps off set production costs by allowing the growers to produce exactly what is needed for its customers. Farmers earn important early-season capital and have a guaranteed market for their produce.  This also limits waste.  CSA members get the best of the best that a farm has to offer.

How does CSA work at Bishop's?

Families and households sign up to purchase a "share" of the upcoming season's harvest. The commitment in advance by the shareholders helps the farmers offset the costs of running the farm, including seeds, fertilizer, labor, equipment and insurances; Most of which are incurred during the spring planting season.  Once the season is underway, we prepare a weekly tub of seasonal produce and fruit for you to pick up. We also provide an education channel via weekly e-mail, blog and face to face communications. 

Why Bishops CSA?

Bishops' CSA offers a share which contains an extensive selection of both fruit and vegetables thus maximizing the diversity of products.

Other reasons include:

  • Weekly supplies of ultra-fresh fruits and vegetables picked and selected specifically for shareholders.
  • Exposure to fruits and vegetables you may not normally try
  • Develop a relationship with the people who grow your food.
  • Member's only specials.
  • Weekly e-mails for CSA members with information on the CSA program, current happenings "on the Farm", as well as behind the scenes stories and information.
  • Keeps your food money local, provides for local jobs, and promotes the continuation of agriculture in our area.
  • Allows us to show people the process of growing, to get a feel for what is involved. A shareholder will feel like they are part of the farm.
  • Tips and recipes to help you enjoy your bounty.

Share Price and Size

We offer 2 share sizes:

$600.00  ($30/wk approx):
The Full Share is good for a family of 4 or those that wish to split a share. It contains a mix of both fruits and vegetables

$425.00 ($21/wk approx)

Medium (2/3) Share is literally 2/3 by volume, and is good for 2-3 people. Remember both sizes will usually, depending on time of year, contain both fruits and vegetables.

The Season

Twenty weeks from early June through October. The exact start date is dependant on the weather and development of the crops. You will be notified in advance by email when we will begin.

Pick up days

We offer 3 pick up times; Tuesday 11:30-2:30, Tuesday 5:00-7:00, and Thursday 3:00-7:00. You will be asked to pick a day, and keep that day. BUT, we realize life happens, and we are flexible to move a day or time when needed, just let us know. Anyone can pick up a share for the share owner.  If a share isn't picked up we donate it to the local soup kitchen.

What is in a Share?

A share is usually 7-9 items of whatever is in season. Early season might contain more greens and strawberries while mid-season would see more of a mix with blueberries and peaches to garlic, onions, tomatoes and melons. Late season has fall squashes, apples, broccoli, cauliflower and even cider. The total list for the year is very extensive. We try extremely hard to offer a varied and exciting tub each week. Basically we grow apples to zucchini and everything in between. Have you had Cape Gooseberries before? You will.

What is the risk?

The understanding is that CSA shareholders provide consistent support to the farm, and the farmers do their best to provide a plentiful, consistent, and varied supply of farm fresh products. Rarely there is a confluence of factors that really puts a hole in the flow of produce. Our size and diversity work to minimize these risks, but they can and do exist.

Introduction of Cecarelli Farms

To maximize our product offering we have partnered with Cecarelli farms of Northford since the beginning of our program. They have farmed the same land for over 100 years and we have had a working relationship with them for over 40 years. Nelson Cecarelli shares the same goals and commitment to providing the freshest and highest quality produce possible for the program.

Our Membership Agreement

Wait, there's more...

We do offer some additional share options

CSA Flower Share

The flower share will consist of ten consecutive weeks of cut flowers, starting in July, from our flower garden. The flowers are all annuals cut and put together the day of pickup. Being annuals of different kinds of flowers, one should expect different lasting capabilities. Life expectancy will be from 4-6 or more days depending on the flower variety. There are a limited number of these shares available. $100.00 for 10 Weeks, Plus Tax.

CSA Wine Share

The wine share is another great option. Bishop’s Orchards Winery started in 2005, and has been producing our own wine from a number of the fruits that we grow. All of Bishop’s wine is made from our own fruits: Apple, Pear, Peach, Strawberry and Raspberry. Get 20 bottles of wine, (receive 2 bottles every other week for 10 weeks of the 20 week CSA season). A combination of our own Bishop's Wines & Hard Cider will be complemented by wines from other CT Farm Wineries, all made with CT Grown Grapes. Age Verification Required at Each Pickup. $250.00 for 10 Weeks, Plus Tax.

Buy 2 shares to share or save for later! Age Verification Required at Each Pickup.

CSA Specialty Share

The specialty share will be 3-5 items in an every other week share that will be exclusively Connecticut produced specialty items. This could be a range of items from cheese, bread, pesto to honey and more. This is an opportunity to help support other small local farms and businesses and provide quality products to shareholders. $300.00 for 10 Weeks (This is an every other week share)

CSA Specialty Cheese Share

The specialty share will be 2-3 cheese in an every other week share. More information to come. This is a NEW exciting share that we will be adding, to expose people to the local artisian cheese. $150.00 for 10 Weeks (This is an every other week share)

CSA Egg Share

The egg share will be half dozen eggs each week (6 Eggs). If you would like to purchase more eggs, just select the number of half dozens from the drop down list when registering. $60.00 for 20 Weeks 1/2 dz. Each week - Buy 2 shares to get a dozen a week!

CSA Raw Milk Share

A great new offering for this year, is Raw Milk from “Baldwin Brook Farm” in Canterbury, same as our Egg Share. Raw milk is unpasturized milk, pure and as it is from the cow. The raw milk share will be available in quarts and half gallons, all in glass containers. We are going old fashion and better flavor! $90.00 for 20 Weeks with Quarts and $125.00 for 20 Weeks with Half Gallons.

Sales Tax is added on the Wine Share and Flower Share. Food shares are non-taxable.

Full payment is required in advance to secure a share. Sign-up is online only, starting in mid-February with Payments made by debit or credit cards (MasterCard, Visa & Discover) or Online Check. A limited quantity of shares is available on a first come first serve basis. Once you are a Bishop’s Orchards CSA member, you will have first option to purchase shares each year. Bishop’s Orchards CSA is here to serve the community, and encourages you to share it’s bounty with friends, family, and neighbors. However, ownership of your shares can not be transferred or sold to a 3rd party. Shares are non refundable. Weekly emails during the season will inform you of what to expect in your weekly share, and our CSA Blog will provide news, farm happenings, recipes and a place to share with your fellow members. 

Upon purchase, you will select your pickup day/time slot for the entire season. Our pickup location is at our 'Little Red Barn' next to the Farm Market at 1355 Boston Post Rd, Guilford.